Fair Links has recognised experience in the mining industries.
Our dedicated team has proven its ability to assist our clients
in numerous situations.

Representative Cases

  • Australian mining company
    v. North African mining company (ICC)

    Expert testimony – Damages analysis in a dispute between shareholders regarding the sale of shares held in a joint venture agreement
  • Major North American mining company
    v. East African State

    Advisor to the company in the context of major cost overruns incurred
  • Valuation of a gold mining project
    in East Africa

    Working for the licence holders in the context
    of a fund raising operation
  • Valuation of a diamond mining project
    in Central Africa

    Working for the shareholders in the context
    of a capital increase
  • European mining company
    v. West African State

    Mediation – Determination of the compensation due to the company after the suspension of a mining licence, for an amount exceeding US$ 500 million
  • State-owned diamond production in Central Africa
    Strategic operation study for the definition
    of the restructuring plan of the company
  • International Monetary Fund (IMF)
    Comparative study and recommendations
    on the efficiency of tax administration for extractive industries in African countries