Economic and Strategic Studies

Fair Links provides economic and strategic analyses to companies, governments and international institutions, offering them an in-depth understanding of the main macroeconomic trends in each industry we cover.

Our work primarily includes market studies and industry analyses, the definition of key sectorial trends and economic modelling of strategic options.

Our team can efficiently address complex strategic problems, helping to bridge the gaps between markets, technology, operations management, economic and financial issues.

Representative Cases

  • International Monetary Fund (IMF)
    Comparative study and recommendations on the efficiency
    of tax administration for extractive industries in African countries
  • African refinery
    Strategic and operational study for the definition of a restructuring plan
  • Regional Government of French Guiana
    Strategic study considering alternative solutions for the supply of petroleum products
  • Major state-owned copper and cobalt production company in Central Africa
    Strategic, operational and financial study for the definition of a restructuring plan