Tim Williams

Tim WilliamsTim Williams

Dr Tim Williams is a mining and metals industry expert and boasts a unique financial and technical understanding of the sector.

Tim undertakes consultancy and counselling work, assisting companies and investors, governments as well as banks and financial institutions on strategic, operational and financial matters. This includes advising a major stock exchange on technical matters connected to listed mining and petroleum companies, conducting the valuation of numerous mining and metals projects in M&A contexts, supporting governments in the definition of their mining tax policy and the improvement of their tax administration.

Tim also has provided expert witness testimonies to arbitration tribunals in various cases. He is familiar with the process of cross-examination. He also served as a mediator in several litigation cases.

Prior to joining Fair Links, in 2013, Tim spent more than 30 years in the mining and metals industry working at senior positions for companies, investment banks and brokers as well as for international consulting firms. The mining companies he has worked in, both in technical positions and in corporate finance include: in South Africa, Gencor, JCI and De Beers Consolidated Mines; and for Golden Star in the USA. Financial organisations he has worked full-time for, all in London, include: James Capel (part of HSBC) and Lehman Brothers and, from 2006 to 2012, Ernst & Young.

Tim holds a PhD in Mining from Imperial College London (UK) and a Bachelor in Geology from the University of Bristol (UK). He has an Accountancy Diploma from the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants in the UK and attended the Financial Management Program at Stanford Business School (USA). 

Tim is a native English speaker and has some knowledge in French, German and Portuguese.